Boost Your Career with a Programme Management Course

Large companies make use of large campaigns to expand their business. Any employees who can add to the success of these campaigns are naturally seen as valuable assets and so they can be assured of a higher level of career and overall economic stability. One of the best ways to boost your career in these campaigns is by attaining a programme management essentials accreditation.

Improved efficiency

Programme management is a huge business end eavour which involves managing various projects which need to work together effectively to make the entire campaign a success. Many programme managers have made costly errors in learning how to perform in this role because they had to learn through trial and error, which is extremely inefficient.

Being trained in this role by a qualified, professional programme management essentials trainer gives you the benefit of solid expertise. You get to pick up the necessary skills, knowledge and even some tricks of the trade so that you won’t be thrown in the deep end and left to sink or swim. You will be able to do the job, and do it well, without costing the company money. That level of efficiency will benefit the company and so also boost your career. You can only go up from there.

Heightened confidence

In ‘the real world’ we often underestimate the importance of confidence in the workplace. In the case of those mentioned above who are left to sink or swim, learning through trial and error while being painfully aware of the costs of the errors can be a major blow to one’s confidence. That blow to your confidence can leave you feeling inferior and incapable, further damaging your efficiency and eventually even your employability.

By attaining your programme management essentials accreditation and proving to be an efficient programme manager you will boost your confidence and benefit your company. By being equipped to do your job well you achieve success, which leads to recognition and various extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. Once you know you can do it you have the confidence to do more, with less worry and further improved efficiency. With this heightened confidence you won’t get caught in the trap of limiting yourself because you don’t trust your own abilities.

Competitive edge

Employers are looking for people with the right qualifications, skills and experience to enrich their companies. Having a programme management essentials accreditation will give you that edge when applying for jobs or promotions. Employers will see that you have the qualification first, and from there you will be able to convince them of the skills and knowledge you gained from the training and boost yourself ahead of the competition with your impressive confidence and efficiency.

Get in touch with Stratsure today to find out how, when and where they can help you boost your career! Their UK-based MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) course is designed to give you the perfect, widely recognised edge to be the best you can be.

Need Project Management Accreditation?

Interested in getting a project management certificate?Great! It’s the next step in fast-tracking your career and empowering you professionally – the only question is: where do I get certified?


The wealth of institutions that offer project management courses in South Africa can be a little intimidating (not even to speak of the variety of coursers they offer); best place to start, as with everything, is to simply do a little research.


Although there are a number of accredited project management courses to choose from, finding the institution that’ll be your meal ticket come exam time should be your first move. You’ll have to consider your budget, whether or not you’d like to complete the course online and the quality of the accreditation, but it all boils down to one thing: reputation. Whatever your choice, just make sure that the institution you pick is responsible for creating successful project managers.


Next, you’ll have to prep for your course. As these accreditations are widely offered by colleges, universities and business schools, it’s a good idea to find out exactly what’ll be covered in yours. Compare courses to find the one that’ll mean value-for-money for you and get cracking.


If you’re going to pass with flying colours, you’ll probably have to find out how you’ll be assessed, too. Typically, essays and projects, as well as exams, will be required before you get to pick up that certificate come graduation time. Others require work placements and actual experience or reflective assessments and group work.


Whatever your decision, never compromise on one thing: accreditation. Spending your savings on a course that’ll improve your professional skills is only half of the goal here, after all. You have to be sure that the achievement you’ll put on a CV will be recognised wherever you send it. Applying at an accredited institution will also reassure you that the course chimes with the global standard.


You’ve likely gotten yourself a long way professionally, but in a competitive climate that is constantly changing, the truth is that you’ll benefit greatly from knowing how to handle it – and having others know that you can, too!

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